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2013 January 23rd

I originally planned to do a 'DMDLOL' for each chapter of the story. In the end I did the first four, and then stopped. Time to finish those off!

In 'Timing', above, I'm being slightly harsh on myself. The pacing of DMD did help make things much less confusing than Neosaka, and even if it did accelerate and get a little crazy at the end, I like to think this also means a re-read will be more satisfying as everything fits into place. The Blank thing totally is confusing though, which is why I put up the diagram last week to help people out.

As for 'simulations', I just enjoy explaining characteristics of the games with the DMD plot - Devil May Cry has an automatically bestowed 'easy mode", which I like to think Bathnarzle put in to help make the case that Mundus should go with plan B (i.e. the whole plot of DMD). It also has the fantastically insane 'Dante Must Die' mode, which I like to imagine Mundus creating, and which indeed people (not me) do totally S-rank.


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