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2013 January 9th

When I started the comic I was still finishing my PhD. Nearly 7 years later, my day job now involves analysing web analytics data (working for these guys), so naturally I had to do a summary of DMD's stats to date!

The most fun part was the top-pages analysis. Pages from the start of the comic get read more often because they've been around for longer (and because a few people start to read the comic from the start but then get bored ), so page views of consecutive comic pages decline following a fairly natural curve. However, certain pages were clearly much more interesting, jumping way above the page views of those from a similar time - either because people were sharing them with friends, or people kept going back to see those pages again.

For those that are interested, the next 'best' pages (by this measure) were Ulala fighting slugs at +54% (not sure why), Bathnarzle showing a useful diagram at +49%, and Ulala getting impaled by an electric sword at +45%.

In more practical terms, reviewing my comic data is what inspired me to create the whole-chapter-per-page pages, as I could see people giving up pretty fast when they could only view one page at a time. With those now all in place, you can read the whole comic in about half an hour!

Finally, thanks to Ian for putting DMD on TVTropes, and Dorian for driving all those visits from DeviantArt - great work guys!


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