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2013 January 2nd

That's it! For anyone that had trouble following, that's Blank in Pudding's body with an Evila suit, Trish in Blank's body, and after Bathnarzle's purging process Vergil is looking suspiciously like Space Channel 5 part 2's Purge!

Although this clearly lays the ground for a sequel, I don't have any plans or even ideas for one myself. If anyone does, please go right ahead and let me know about it!

My next project will most likely be called A Million Windowless Rooms, which I've put up some concept art for before (here and here), but I'm not even sure what form that will take right now.

If you want to follow any other art projects I'm working on you can follow me on DeviantArt, but if I do anything I think would be of interest to Devil May Dance readers I'll update this page (along with the RSS feed, Tumblr or Twitter).

If you're interested, you can read a sci-fi comic I wrote with a friend back in 2003 here, and you can find out about just about everything else I do here!

As I said, I'll be posting a few 'behind the scenes' bits over the next few weeks, but I'd just like to say thanks to everyone that's been reading DMD over the years. Particular shout-outs for support go to Darian, Ian, Boradis, and the guy who sparked off the whole idea in the first place, RvB - thanks guys!


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