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2012 January 11th

For those that haven't played Devil May Cry: in the original game, you fight this blob thing called 'Nightmare' a few times, and if it succeeds in eating you, then according to the in-game details, "you will be teleported into an evil dimension. You must defeat the evil spirits that rule the dimension. The evil is a reflection of Dante’s trauma that rests in his subconscious." In practice that means bosses you faced earlier in the game - which is a great trick for re-using game assets in an interesting way.

(I was kind of hoping that in the final Nightmare fight, the evil spirit in the evil dimension would be yet another Nightmare, but I guess that would be a step too far)

Anyway, as you can now see, I figured this was a great chance to pit Ulala against her own subconscious trauma: the loss of her own identity.


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