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2008 December 16th

So there you have it - another of the moments I've been waiting to draw for over two years. Ulala's devil-form!

Devil-forms can be quite different in the DMC universe so I feel quite at liberty to make my own interpretation, although I've tried to work in Alastor-like stylings and that weird ambiguity between what's armour and what's chitinous exoskeleton.

Also I'd like to point out that where we usually see Ulala 'quantum leap style', i.e. as herself when she's actually in Dante's body, this is actually what the devil form looks like, because it's kind of like the 'soul' coming out. Unintentionally, this makes things a bit like "The Devil Inside", a game I never played in which a guy called Dave Cooper could apparently transform into a female Devil called Deva. Crikey.

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