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2008 November 4th

One of the quirks of Space Channel 5 part 1 was that the difference between shooting-to-zap and shooting-to-save had to be discerned by looking at what it was you were shooting at, which is a shame because apart from that you can actually play the entire game without looking at the screen at all. As with everything else, this was significantly improved in Space Channel 5 part 2 with the introduction of the "Hey!" command for saving people, which is much more satisfying.

Which is a cue for me to point out that it's my firm opinion that Space Channel 5 part 2 is one of the most perfectly put-together games ever made, and if you have any interest in the rhythm-action genre you owe it to yourself to seek it out!

Dante and all things Devil May Cry are Capcom.
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