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2008 August 19th

So here at last is Phantom, The Destroyer of Ardor, the spider/scorpion freaky thing. Something that causes a lot of the confusion in Phantom's entomological classification (and I have skipped over this detail in the comic for brevity) is that Phantom's tail starts off coiled up like a spider's abdomen, but then unfurls to attack you - you can see this quite nicely at the start of this video.

This is also my first attempt at a two-page spread, which breaks the layout of this page a bit. Oh well.

Finally, I have added navigation arrows either side of the top of the comic page as well as the bottom, since I realised when you are skipping through it is probably annoying to have to scroll down each time if your resolution is anything like normal. Hopefully this will be useful to some people, as thanks to the way Dreamweaver mangles my php I had to do it 'by hand' in notepad!

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