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2008 August 5th

So, I skipped a few details. Not sure how this bit reads if you haven't played Devil May Cry though. Essentially, an inscription instructs you to take the 'path of trials' to acquire the 'pride of the lion', which another thing elsewhere said is necessary in order to progress. So you head out along this extravagant cantilevered balcony pier thing, then as you head back you get struck by lightning and it disintegrates and you plunge into the sea where you are attacked by giant skulls!

That's DMC for you. Upon defeating the skulls you step into a beam of light and teleport back to the first bit of the pier, which is where Ulala is appearing here along with the entourage she has picked up so far. The teleportation in the game is a bit of a level-design cop-out and I was thinking of having Ulala climb up, but that just felt wrong.

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