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2007 October 16th

Devil May Dance is a year and a half old, so that seems like a good reason to make some website updates!

First, I've used RSSpect to create an automatically updating RSS feed, which you can find by clicking on this orange thing: . If you have no idea what that means, check out this 49-second video from Google that pretty much explains it (if you replace the term "Google Reader" with "RSS feed reader"). Then go ahead and give Google's reader a go.

Secondly, for those of you that like the little shoutbox, I've made a bare-bones page just for that which you can find here, so you can keep an eye on things there without having to scroll down the page all the time.

Finally I'm giving the Google analytics thing a go. Technically this means I should direct you to read this disclaimer; in practice it just means that if you don't like the idea of Google seeing what you are doing here then disable cookies for this site. This will have no effect on anything since I don't use cookies for anything here myself.

Since all of these things are likely to mess with the site statistics in various ways, now is probably the best time to show you a picture of how the site has been doing over the past 18 months. This picture shows a graph of the number of unique visitors this page gets in a 7-day period, from since I started on April 1st 2006 to this week. As you can see, the numbers are growing, although I'm still a long way short of my 2 gig bandwidth limit. The RSS feed and shoutbox page should in theory reduce the amount of bandwidth used.

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I'm using Google Analytics, which means you should read this; if you don't like that, just disable cookies for this site.
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