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2007 June 19th

To explain a bit more for those that haven't played it: in Space Channel 5, ever so often the camera angle just happens to be in the right position that some dance moves reveal glimpses of a certain space reporter's orange underwear. I always found it a bit odd - the whole game has such an innocent happy vibe, these sneaky upskirt moments feel a bit out of place.

Then again, there is the bit in SC5 part 2 in which Ulala is attacked by tentacles, where Fuse says "Tentacles! Can you handle it, Ulala?" and she replies "Oh... not there!" . And then there's the little pink outfit she wears at the end of part 2, the description of which notes 'rumoured to be only underwear' which can of course be read as 'she's not wearing anything underneath this ZOMG!!' so I guess that kind of "subtle" adult content is a part of the franchise really. But Dante won't stand for it!

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