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2007 January 16th

That is almost exactly what happens in Space Channel 5 if you attempt to button mash - a technique that playing Devil May Cry tends to make second-nature. (More accurately I suppose I should say 'button bash', since it's controlled, rapid-fire button-pushing that is required, rather than random mashing. But then I wouldn't have been able to make use of the fact that 'mash' is also a kind of dance). Speaking of button-bashing, I just completed Viewtiful Joe, in which (assuming I was doing it right) the final boss requires you to button mash at regular intervals - not to do damage, but just to stay alive. My main reason for playing it, of course, is that Dante is unlocked after you have completed it once, so I now plan to go through it with him. Impressively, he actually retains his signature moves, which in the fullness of time we will see Ulala discover...

This strip is also quite a milestone, since it is the first to be completed in the new real-job-working-day-Monday-to-Friday phase that my life has just entered. Oooooh.

Dante and all things Devil May Cry are Capcom.
Ulala and all things Space Channel 5 are SEGA.
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