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2006 December 5th

More interpolation of the game universe here - I noticed a long time ago that Ulala had two microphones for some reason, but it was only while sitting down and trying to understand how things in her crazy world actually work that I concluded the jet-pack had to be thought controlled and guns are rated by time-signature rather than energy/calibre.

In case anyone isn't familiar with their classic Street Fighter characters, Cammy is an amnesiac secret service agent that represented a notable breakthrough in character design when someone presumably said "Wait a minute... why even bother designing some kind of skimpy costume? We can just put her in a swimsuit. That makes just as much sense as anything else." It was many years until a breakthrough of similar magnitude was made, when someone said "Instead of trying to get the camera at just the right angle in DOA we could just make a game in which the girls lie around on the beach in bikinis and play volleyball occasionally!"

This week's excitement is me moving away from home for the third time in my life. Since I'm actually moving for a job this time (instead of some form of higher education), it will hopefully be for the last time too. Even more hopefully, I'll be able to get internet up and running quickly.

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