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2006 September 26th

So, looks like Ulala unwittingly avoided that fight. For any that haven't played the original, Trish attacked Dante at about this point, impaling him, electrocuting him, and throwing the motorbike at him. Then he went all demon-dude bad-ass and shot the bike out of the air back at her with his handguns... which is when she pulled the whole 'actually I came here for your help' thing. Pretty weird, but the fact she knew something of his past was enough for him to go along with it.

This episode brought to you with the audio support of the Titan A.E. director's commentary. A fascinating example of a film where the whole is much less than the sum of its parts; despite some nice animation, plotting, characters and ideas, the whole thing fails to gel. Judging by the commentary, this may well be because it appears to have been a case of creativity-by-committee; there never seems to have been a single person driving the project, with it changing hands a few times and then being altered according to the whims of test-audiences. This theory doesn't entirely stand up, though, if you recall that Pirates of the Caribbean (CotBP) was worked on by a whole bunch of writers, and the score worked on by a bunch of different musicians. We can only conclude that the presence of Johnny Depp trumps all other criteria.

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