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2006 August 8th

This page brought to you with the help of the Willow DVD commentary by Warwick Davis. Dogs wearing little doggy outfits to look like scary mutant dogs are always cool.

One of the problems of having a character communicate from a future time is that it potentially loses some of the tension when you get back to the 'current' version of the character (although it's not as if I'm about to kill off Ulala... or is it?!?) Well, here's a bit of compensatory tension to help solve that problem. Incidentally, if a soul were just information, that would imply that it could be copied perfectly, and where would that leave consciousness? Unless of course it was quantum information, in which case it couldn't be copied at all, which is interesting, but pointless, since the human body is pretty darn classical, but then what a soul actually is is not well defined at all so the entire argument is pretty much moot. But I digress. Perhaps more relevantly, an interesting thought experiment is to consider what would happen if you just swapped two people's memories. Would that be functionally equivalent to swapping their 'souls'?

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