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2006 May 2nd

So okay, there's a little bit more exposition. But already the situation has gotten complicated enough that I suspect most would get confused if I didn't at least give some clues. Also note the problems of grammar when any kind of time travel is involved. I wanted to avoid giving the false impression (which weirdly is given in so many time-travel stories) that two time periods can somehow be running 'in parallel', and the myth that it is meaningful to say what is going on 'now' in both time periods at once.

In the original DMC cutscene, Trish seems to appear out of the moon for no reason, so even though this is a different version of events, I thought it was nice to give an actual reason for that!

Devil May Cry came out in late 2001, and doesn't appear to be set in a particular year. Space Channel 5 is explicitly set in 2499. A 500 year difference seems a nice round number, and I like to think the original DMC concept was being written in 1999 and was set in 'the present', so it kind of works.

This page was brought to you with auditory support from the Final Destination DVD commentary, which was rather too fascinating for my own productivity.

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