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2006 April 25th

This is the first page drawn after discovering I can listen to DVD commentaries while drawing. It was really awesome (listened to the writers talk about Pirates of the Caribbean, and the writer & director on 28 days later), but ended up taking absolutely ages. I still recommend it though, as a way to fill your mind with sound while drawing, and also hear all those commentaries you never get round to listening to.

Interestingly, in both those cases they spoke a lot about the difficulties of exposition. I figure exposition is okay so long as you don't need to start with "As you know..." and that it's kept to a minimum. One of the advantages of the comic format, particularly with characters that talk in giant capital letters, is that space restrictions mean you have to keep everything succinct anyway.

The redundancy in 'chief' and the C in C.E.O. is another quirkly lift straight out of SC5. Blank's taking the appearance of Mundus rather well here, but he always seemed like a man-of-the-universe type character to me.

You get a slightly odd feeling in the last panel, because Mundus needs to carry on his dramatic exposition just a little longer, but I'd already used up my monthly supply of ellipses.

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