A Space Channel 5 / Devil May Cry doujinshi, updated every Wednesday.   

2006 April 18th

The slightly odd phrasing, 'somewhere outside earth' is taken directly from Space Channel 5. Although I've decided not to include any references to bugs in the games - which, while potentially amusing, would have made the whole thing less real and involving, I think - quirks like this strange wording are all part of the weird cult classic nature of Space Channel 5, so I'm leaving it in.

Note that it's now Space Channel 6. This is because the action in this comic does not take place in the worlds of SC5 and Devil May Cry (if you've played the games you already know what happens there), but in nearby, almost identical worlds.

Also, Chief Blank's plan is never really made very clear in SC5, and the manual offers few clues, so I'm fleshing it out a bit here in what seems like the most plausible way.

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