A Space Channel 5 / Devil May Cry doujinshi, updated every Wednesday.   

2006 April 11th

This is the big test... if you see this coming up and everything else looks about right, then the new swanky phpness has worked! Amazing. Check back next Tuesday to see if it worked again!

Edit (17/4/6): SPOILER WARNING! From here on, there will be spoilers for both Space Channel 5 and Devil May Cry. It's not essential that you have played either of these games to enjoy the comic, and the plots to both are pretty slight anyway (something I hope to alter a bit with this!), so I don't think you'd be missing much. But if you really want to try those games without knowing any more than you do now, do so before reading any further in the comic! You can read spoiler-free information (that is, only information that is supplied in the manuals) about the games and the characters on this page, which also features links to places with further info as well as places to buy the games.

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