A Space Channel 5 / Devil May Cry doujinshi, updated every Wednesday.   

What you see right here is an idea I had about three years ago, just as DDR/Dancing Stage was getting big in the UK and I was really into it.

Dante is playing 'Pump it Up', a variation on DDR that has diagonal instead of orthogonal arrows. This leads to more natural dance steps, and the game also had more hard-core high-level songs, including points at which you're supposed to hit 3, 4 or even 5 panels at once. Because of this, I think it suits Dante.

Meanwhile, Ulala is playing 'EZ2 Dancer', another variant with three panels for the feet and special sensors that you wave your hands over (or under). This makes it more suitable for stylish dances that involve moving all four limbs, which seems more Ulala's style.

Dante and all things Devil May Cry are Capcom.
Ulala and all things Space Channel 5 are SEGA.
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