A Space Channel 5 / Devil May Cry doujinshi, updated every Wednesday.   

Welcome to Devil May Dance!

Chapter 0 is simply an introduction to the characters, and also served as a way for me to test out the techniques I plan to use for the 'real' story. As such, there are no Space Channel 5 (SC5) or Devil May Cry (DMC) spoilers in it, but once chapter 1 begins the spoilers will come thick and fast, so be prepared - I'll put another warning there when the times comes.

If you're confused about what the heck all this SC5 DMC stuff is, you can read spoiler-free information (that is, only information that is supplied in the manuals) about the games and the characters on this page, which also features links to places with further info as well as places to buy the games.

You can also consult the F.A.Q. if you're curious about other stuff, and failing that you can post on the Forum or e-mail me at ranma_tim "at" yahoo.co.uk.

Enjoy the comic!

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