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2013 February 13th

Devil May Dance has been a part of my life for a long time now, and as it comes to a close I wanted to look back at just how it developed. Through a combination of my own obsessive personal data keeping and a little guesswork, the above outlines when the various games were released, when I came to play them, and how the comic developed as a result.

One thing I had forgotten is that the original inspiration for the comic came (via RvB) before I'd ever actually owned either of the games in question, back in 2001!

You can also see how I played Devil May Cry 3 in a hurry in order to see how it would influence the story. A good thing I did too, as the character of Nevan was just what I needed to really make Ulala's plotline work!

The fact I didn't have everything mapped out from the very start is also given away by my playing "The World Ends With You" in 2009, before going on to introduce it as one of Bathnarzle's favourite games in 2010.

This concludes my little sequence of 'behind the scenes' updates, and weekly updates for Devil May Dance in general. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm proud to have completed what I set out to do even though it took twice as long as I planned... but it's time to move on!

Don't forget you can continue to follow any further relevant stuff at the links I posted with the last page! Thanks to everyone for the support - even if you never posted in the chat or forum, I was looking at the web stats, and appreciated your time! This is Tim, signing out..."you can go home now."


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